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Printed Crafting Labels

Starlight Labels is proud to offer a variety of high-quality labels for crafters who spend copious amounts of time creating unique items - not only for themselves, but also for family, friends or for sale. If your specialty is knitting, crocheting, quilting, needle art or something else, our quilt and craft labels can add a professional look to your creation while also enhancing sentimental value. If you're a talented sewer, we offer personalized sewing labels for crafters that allow you to include your distinct signature to any crafty gift!

Our iron-on clothing labels will not fall off due to their incredible durability. We are confident that you will be satisfied with any label you choose!

We also offer the option of choosing to use traditional black, bright blue or red ink if you desire to add a little "oomph" to your creation. Order your crafting printed labels today and add a fun, professional touch to every piece you make!

SHARE YOUR LOVE! Here are some sample texts that are favored by our customers:
Made by Made for You by Made Especially for You by
Made With You in Mind Made with Love Made in Kansas by
Handcrafted by Lovingly Sewn by Sewn by
Crocheted by Knitted by Hand Knitted by
A Gift From Created by Designed by

($10.99 for first set of 100, $7.00 each additional set)

We understand that many of you crafters are on a tight budget and we're pleased to offer a professional looking label that is actually affordable. At $10.99 for the first set of 100 these are our most economical labels and they won't take a big bite out of your budget. Available in both Sew On or Iron On Labels.
Choose Red or Blue ink for your clothing label to make it stand out. (There is an additional $3.00 for colored ink).


($13.99 for first set of 100, $10.00 each additional set)

Choose an image that represents you or your interests. Make sure to check out the icons that we created just for you crafters. Available in Sew On or Iron On Labels, in 1 or 2 lines, and different font and color options.

Button Icon for Clothing LabelNeedle Icon for Clothing LabelsSewing Machine Icon for Clothing Labels

($13.99 for first set of 100, $10.00 each additonal set)

Add an initial to your label to personalize it more. Available in Sew On or Iron On Labels, in 1 or 2 lines , and in different font and color options.

($16.99 for first set of 100, $13.00 each additional set)

Send us your own image or logo and we will print it onto your clothing label. Please check product description for detailed ordering instructions. Available in Sew On or Iron On Labels, in black, red or blue ink.
Happy Crafting!