Clothing Labels Guide
Clothing Labels Guide


Sew On Clothing Labels

Labels with Initial

Labels with Colored Print


When deciding which labeling product to order, it really is a matter of personal preference. Our main focus is on quality so whichever product you choose, you will receive the highest quality clothing labels that you will find.

· All our labels are Pre-cut with non-fray edges

· Sharp, clear print from both the labels and the stamp will not fade

· Both Iron On and Sew On are available in three colors, assorted fonts and with optional Icon or Initial

· Our Clothing stamp is available in black, Arial font only, with optional Icon

All our labeling options were tested were on high temperature washer cycles multiple times and they work. We absolutely guarantee the quality of our product. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of our labels contact us for a refund. Check our money back guarantee here.

Iron On Labels

This is hands down our most popular category. Our most popular iron on label is the one line with simple large Arial font, but you can choose 2 or 3 line if you’d like to add your phone number or address. For a bit variety to your label choose from our other font options.

Factors to Consider

· Iron On Clothing Label is definitely a timesaver. Estimate that it should take you at least half the time to apply as Sew On Clothing Label.

· Iron On Labels may not be practical to apply on certain items that are heat sensitive or bulky, like coats.

· If applied properly Our Iron On Name Labels are flexible and become part of the garment for minimal itch.

· Although it’s called Iron On Clothing Labels, you can use it on other unique items like bags, cooler bags, suitcases, kids backpacks. We’ve even tried it on umbrellas!

· Size is ½” high by 1.75” wide

 Sew On Clothing Labels
Still in demand nowadays, our Sew On labels are for those who trust nothing but labels sewn in by their own hand or machine. They are printed on a soft, polyester, easy to sew white material.
Factors to Consider

· Sewing on clothing labels onto all your garments is a chore that is much more time consuming than ironing on the exact same quantity.

· If you have a sewing machine, you should definitely consider sew-on name labels since the job will take much faster. Prepare all your clothing in a pile near the sewing machine and zip and snip through all those labels.

· Sew on clothing name labels are made from a softer material that is easy to sew. However, keep in mind that the edges do not fuse with the garment like the iron on labels do and could irritate someone with sensitivities.

· Sew on Labels can be applied to just about any item that you could sew into, even on bulky and unusual shaped clothing and coats.

· Use our Sew On Name Labels on unique items like umbrellas and boots.

· Size: ½” high x 2.25”wide. Sew On Labels measure slightly wider than our Iron On Labels to allow for seam allowance.

Clothing Stamp

The laundry stamp is completely underestimated by the consumer and the reason for that probably is the price tag. In our opinion, the clothing stamp is a great investment for a family. It is timesaving, quick and durable. The imprint from the clothing stamp should last more than a year or two (we tested it on underwear that was soaked and bleached) and once it will fade (after several years) you can easily stamp the item again. The ink pad lasts for several years for the average family and can easily be replaced for just $9.99.

Especially if you have several kids, the laundry stamp is the most efficient way of labeling your clothing with your family’s name. Take note that the Clothing Stamp is all black and is only visible on white garments.

Factors to Consider

· The Permanent Laundry Stamp is even faster and easier to apply than either Sew On or Iron On clothing name labels.

· The Self Inking Stamp has Permanent ink which will last through many, many washings. The print is lighter than the pre-printed clothing labels and the ink will fade after several years of use.

· This is the item to buy for the child or adult with sensory issues. Although both of our labels are made from soft materials, the super sensory kid will appreciate having nothing attached to his clothing.

· The Laundry stamp is great for those dozens and dozens of underwear.


The laundry marker works fine for some people, but can only be used on light clothing or on a light clothing tag. It also needs a somewhat larger writing area since it tends to bleed by the edges for an unclear print. Also when you actually lose your clothing, the marking from a pen is not as noticeable as either a clothing label or a neat imprint from a laundry stamp.

Our Laundry Marker is a perfect addition to your order of labels to use on clothing that defies other types of labeling.

Clothing Labels with Icon

Choosing an icon lets you add some excitement to an otherwise boring task. Celebrate your uniqueness and choose an image that identifies you, PLUS, get the added bonus of easier identification of your clothing in a public laundry situation. Choose the heart icon for an additional reminder of love when your child is away from home.

Choosing an initial personalizes your labels for you even more and also helps for easier identification of your clothing in a public laundry situation.

For an additional three dollars icons or initials are always a good bargain.

Clothing Labels with Initial

Another variation to showing your uniqueness. Choosing an initial personalizes your labels for you even more and also helps for easier identification of your clothing in a public laundry situation.

Clothing Labels with Colored PrintClothing Labels with Colored Ink

Color coded labels is always an excellent solution when you have more than one child in a family. If you’ve ever sat in front of a laundry basket of white underwear and tried to figure out which item belongs to whom, you know what I’m talking about. Simply order a different color print for each child and you’ll recognize their clothing in an instant. Plus, get the additional benefit of easier identification when you send them off to camp. The additional $3.00 for colored labels is well worth the peace of mind.

Combine different colors with icons or initials to create a truly unique label without spending a fortune.
Happy Labeling!