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Nursing Home Labels
Sending your special senior to live away from home?  Label all their clothing with our high quality Nursing Home Labels and never lose a single item.  Check out the many fine qualities of our Elderly Care Labels:
  • Our Iron On labels will not fall off
  • Our Sew On labels are made from easy-to-sew soft material
  • Labels are Pre-cut (no cutting or perforating necessary)
  • Edges will not fray
  • Large, Clear Print will not fade with washings
Who could benefit from our high quality laundry labels?  Anyone who will be in a public laundry situation like Nursing Homes, Rehab, Assisted Living Facility or Group Home needs to know that the labels that they affix to their garment will last.  Our Laundry Labels are guaranteed to last through the most commercial, high-heat laundry cycles.
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Nursing Home Labels Clothing Labels with Initial Iron-On Name Labels with Icon
Blank Iron on Labels for Clothing Clothing Labels, One Line Sew On Name Labels with Initial
Sew On Name Labels with icon Blank Sew On Clothing Labels Clothing Stamp
Laundry Stamp with Icon
Make their clothing easy to spot - Add an Icon or Initial
Make their clothing label unique by choosing a different color, font or icon on their Nursing Home Label. While your at it, give your special senior some extra love: choose a heart icon to show that they are always in your heart.
Should you go with Iron On Labels for clothing or Sew On Name Labels for your senior?
It really is a matter of personal preference. Both types of Nursing Home Laundry Labels have the same clear, sharp print and non-fray edge. The sew on labels are 1/4" wider than iron on labels to allow room on the side for stitching.
  • Our SEW ON CLOTHING LABELS can be applied on just about on any item, even on bulky and unusual shaped clothing. They are made from a soft material that is easy to sew. You can even use them on umbrellas and boots.
  • Our IRON ON CLOTHING LABELS take much less time to apply but may not be practical on certain items that are heat sensitive or bulky. They are durable and if applied properly, the adhesive should last forever. Use them on unique items like bags, cooler bags, suitcases.
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